September 24, 2023

Epoxy Flooring Cost In Bangalore

Epoxy can withstand even the heaviest of automobile usage, like forklifts and other heavy warehouse equipment. This's perfect for warehouses, garages, manufacturing plants and other high traffic areas. In residential homes most homeowners utilized epoxy flooring coating for their garages if the flooring is actually made of concrete. If in need for a far more sturdy combination, then one can simply alter it and have the combination that they would like.

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Epoxy Flooring Cost In Bangalore

With good surface planning, manufacturing epoxy floor coating applications enjoy a high chance of success. It lays well on many sorts of surfaces as metal, concrete, wood and tile and it is reluctant to most strong chemicals making for a durable and long-lasting surface and several color might possibly be added to the epoxy for a bit of flare. Epoxy concrete paints are highly durable and will stand up to pressure that is high.

Epoxy Flooring in Bangalore Epoxy Flooring Contractors Bangalore

Several of the fundamental types of epoxy floors accessible in the market that are appropriate for manufacturing applications consist of self dispensing epoxy flooring surfaces, mortar epoxy flooring surfaces, gravelled epoxy floors, anti-slip and anti-static floors. Flooring is an important part of interior design. Epoxy flooring coatings are incredibly dependent on a regular mix ratio to stay away from difficulties during curing time.

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Epoxy Flooring Cost In Bangalore


Epoxy flooring has gained popularity in recent years due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. It is a type of resin-based flooring system that provides a smooth and seamless finish, making it ideal for various applications such as homes, offices, showrooms, warehouses, etc. If you are considering installing epoxy flooring in Bangalore, it is essential to understand the cost factors involved to make an informed decision.

Understanding Epoxy Flooring Cost Factors:

1. Type of Epoxy Flooring:

The cost of epoxy flooring in Bangalore depends on the type of epoxy system you choose. There are different types such as self-leveling epoxy, epoxy mortar system, decorative epoxy coatings, etc. Each type has its unique characteristics and pricing. For example, decorative epoxy coatings that mimic the appearance of marble or granite may be more expensive than a basic self-leveling epoxy floor.

2. Floor Preparation:

Before applying epoxy flooring, proper surface preparation is crucial for a long-lasting finish. The cost of floor preparation includes activities like cleaning, repairing cracks or damages, and ensuring a smooth substrate for the epoxy application. The extent of floor preparation required can vary depending on the condition of the existing floor and can impact the overall cost.

3. Square Footage:

The size of the area to be covered with epoxy flooring directly affects the cost. Generally, larger areas have lower per-square-foot costs compared to smaller ones due to economies of scale. It is essential to measure and calculate the total square footage accurately to estimate the cost effectively.

4. Complexity of Design:

If you opt for decorative or customized epoxy flooring designs in Bangalore, the complexity of the design will impact the overall cost. Intricate patterns or logos may require additional labor and materials, increasing the price. However, simpler designs with solid colors or flakes tend to be more affordable.

5. Additional Features:

Certain additional features or requirements can affect the cost of epoxy flooring installation. For instance, if you need anti-slip properties, chemical resistance, or UV protection, specialized additives may be required, which can increase the overall cost. Similarly, if you desire a high-gloss finish or specific coatings like polyaspartic or polyurethane topcoats, the price will vary accordingly.

Cost Breakdown:

Now that we have discussed the various factors influencing the cost of epoxy flooring in Bangalore, let’s break down the average pricing based on these factors:

1. Basic Self-Leveling Epoxy:

For a basic self-leveling epoxy floor without any decorative elements or additional features, the cost can range from INR 60 to INR 100 per square foot. This includes labor costs, materials, and floor preparation.

2. Decorative Epoxy Coatings:

If you desire a decorative epoxy coating with flakes or patterns, the price can vary between INR 80 and INR 150 per square foot. The complexity of the design and additional features will influence the final cost.

3. Epoxy Mortar System:

Epoxy mortar systems are typically used in heavy-duty environments where exceptional strength and durability are required. The cost for this type of epoxy flooring can range from INR 100 to INR 200 per square foot.

4. Customized Designs and Additional Features:

For customized designs, intricate patterns, or specialized requirements like anti-slip properties or chemical resistance, the cost can go up significantly. Prices for such epoxy flooring projects can range from INR 200 to INR 300 per square foot or even higher, depending on the complexity and specific needs. It is important to note that these prices are just estimates and can vary depending on various factors such as the location, contractor, and market conditions. It is always recommended to get multiple quotes and compare them before finalizing a contractor for epoxy flooring installation.

“What are the factors that influence the cost of epoxy flooring in Bangalore?”

Several factors can influence the cost of epoxy flooring in Bangalore. These include:

1. Size of the area: The total square footage of the area to be covered with epoxy flooring will directly impact the cost. Larger areas will require more materials and labor, resulting in a higher cost.

2. Condition of the existing floor: If the existing floor requires preparation work such as patching, crack repairs, or leveling, it can increase the overall cost. Additional time and materials will be needed to ensure a smooth and even surface for the epoxy application.

3. Type of epoxy system: There are different types of epoxy systems available, each with varying costs. Basic epoxy coatings are generally more affordable, while high-performance or decorative epoxy systems can be more expensive.

4. Design complexity: If you opt for any decorative elements like patterns, colors, or flakes in your epoxy flooring, it can increase the cost. Intricate designs require additional labor and materials.

5. Surface preparation: Proper surface preparation is crucial for a long-lasting epoxy floor. The amount of time and effort required to prepare the surface, including cleaning, grinding, or shot blasting, can affect the cost.

6. Quality of materials: The quality and brand of epoxy materials used can influence the cost. Higher-quality materials tend to be more expensive but offer better durability and longevity.

7. Additional services: Additional services like moisture barrier installation or anti-slip additives may add to the overall cost of the epoxy flooring project.

8. Accessibility: If the location is difficult to access or requires special equipment for installation (e.g., high-rise buildings), it can affect the cost due to increased labor and logistics.

9. Contractor’s expertise: The experience and reputation of the contractor can impact the cost. Established contractors with a track record of quality work may charge higher rates compared to less experienced or less reputable ones.

It is important to consult with multiple contractors and obtain detailed quotes considering these factors to get an accurate estimate for epoxy flooring in Bangalore.